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Name: Biowulf
Age: Approximately early-mid thirties
Gender: Male
Canon: Generator Rex
Biowulf is entering Soul Campaign prior to the end of the series, specifically, immediately after Dark Passage (Episode 9), where Van Kleiss “dies” for the first time, but the EVO is unaware of it.  He only knows his master is missing.  This makes his arrival in Death City another blow to his need for Pack structure.  Not only is his Alpha missing, he’s been transported somewhere else entirely.


Biowulf is a lupine EVO (Exponentially Variegated Organism)  from the world of Generator Rex.  He is the loyal henchman of the main series villain, Van Kleiss.  Nothing is known about his existence prior to the Nanite Event.  Throughout the course of the series, he serves most often as an antagonist, but is willing to work with former enemies if the arrangement benefits him. 
Biowulf is a lupine EVO that has the appearance of a an armored werewolf with cyber influences.  He is always shown wearing armor, as well as a mask that has respirator-like canisters, so he most probably needs to wear it.  His fingers are a bio-organic metal and are shaped like blades.  They are attached to the flesh of his hand like human fingers, so it is also likely that the nanites changed his digits into organic metal.

  Biowulf is fiercely loyal to his Alpha, who in the series, is Van Kleiss.  He follows his master’s every command without question, often times putting himself in danger as well.  He is a member of the Pack, Van Kleiss’ elite EVO unit and functions as its de facto leader whenever their Master is absent, though he largely follows his master’s designs.

Biowulf is very possessive and defensive of his position in pack structure.  Numerous times in canon, he has become openly hostile to those he viewed as competition.  He voices concern over potential Pack members when Van Kleiss is testing the abilities of Circe and Jungle Cat.  Biowulf openly criticizes both of them in their endeavors.  For instance, in “Dark Passage,” when Jungle Cat accidentally severs the life support tubes of Van Kleiss’ suit and is subsequently drained of nanites and petrified by the scientist, Biowulf pushes over the “stone” EVO after the rest of the party has moved on.  When the EVO Circe is having difficulty with the initiation task appointed to her by Van Kleiss (In this case, taming a giant deep sea EVO), he expresses that she may not be cut out for their group and that Van Kleiss doesn’t deal with failure well.  In the game setting, he will most likely become very possessive and devoted to those he takes a liking to,

Biowulf’s moral compass is closely tied to those he deems members of his pack.  He will risk his life to obey his Alpha, he will defend his pack at all costs and is unwaveringly loyal to them, however, he thinks nothing of dropping enemies out of planes or slashing them to ribbons if they threaten his group or himself.

The lupine EVO has a dry, sarcastic sense of humor.    He will make depreciative comments about others he finds inferior.

Biowulf is terribly stubborn.  Despite being open to ideas and while he may agree with them inwardly, he is very hesitant to admit he is wrong or misguided.  He will stick to a course until it becomes too dangerous to pursue.

He is open to discussion, but if he is unaware of a person’s rank or ability, he will occasionally challenge them to physical combat before they can request anything of him.  In order for him to help, a situation must be worthy of his time.  However, should a person best him, he will hear them out.  If a request is made by someone he deems an Alpha, he will obey it to the best of his ability.  This causes him to be extremely dangerous in combat. 

Biowulf also likes gaining higher ground and will climb trees and buildings to better survey his surroundings as well as get the drop on enemies...and sometimes just to give himself some space away from others.

Biowulf’s EVO form gives him a very canine personality.  He shares many lupine behaviors with the creature his nanites tried to emulate with his transformation.  He often makes animal vocalizations (growls, whines, howls) and behaves in a manner similar to a wolf, despite having human level intelligence. 

Why is your character a good fit for the setting of Soul Campaign, and what will they do once they are in the game?
Biowulf wants to return to his reality, to his structure and familiar surroundings.  He wants to find his Alpha again.  As such, he will assist in any way possible to expedite the process.  While he may initially act indifferent, he is actually deeply shaken at being pulled from his pack so suddenly and at such a vulnerable time.  He dislikes being alone and will probably begrudgingly strike up relationships with strangers to measure up the beings of Death City and try to side with whoever he finds familiar or who offers him the best chance of returning home.

List the abilities your character will still have in Soul Campaign:

*Highly perceptive senses of hearing and smell. 



*His blade claws, which are a physical part of his hands.

[List the weaknesses your character will gain in Soul Campaign:

*Disoriented-Biowulf has been taken from canon immediately following the disappearance of his Alpha/Master, Van Kleiss.  He is not used to being without a powerful personality to lead him.  For the first time in a long time, he’s on his own.

*Isolated-As a lupine EVO, Biowulf relies heavily on his fellow packmates for support both on the battlefield and off.  They are more than allies, they are family.  He’s been removed from any semblance of social structure he’s managed to cobble together since the Nanite Event.

*Reduced Mobility-Biowulf does not have his pack mate Breach with him to teleport him where he needs to go.  He is also not given any of the Abysus EVOs of burden, so he doesn’t have a mount, either.  Instead, he will have to make his way on foot or by scrounging around for transportation.

[Note which are gained and lost; BREW can cause characters to gain or lose weaknesses, like powers, illnesses, or situational dis/advantages.]

Weapon.  While Biowulf is capable of fighting on his own and achieving an objective, however,  he needs to be given direction.  As a lupine EVO, he needs an Alpha to point the way for him.  He is capable of making decisions in the field when absolutely necessary, but works best when supporting someone else or having a plan he can follow.  He bonds intensely with one he
considers an Alpha, becoming unquestionably loyal to that person.  He often acts with what he perceives to be their best interests at heart; on occasion, it is not entirely their best interests in actuality.  As a lupine, Biowulf requires a pack with structure and hierarchy in order to function to the best of his ability.

Soul Description:
Loyal. Dedicated. Territorial. Fierce. Possessive. Proud.

Biowulf’s soul is a silver ball with pointed canine ears and a fur ruff along the top and down its back.  It has an impish expression with fangs poking over its smile, which is a curved line.

(Weapon Form) / Ability:

Biowulf’s weapon form is a Spartan Sword.  Its hilt is covered with a band of white fur that conceals where a Meister is holding him.  The fur doesn’t actually touch the Meister’s hand since it faces upwards, but it shields their hand from an attacker by obscuring their hand’s location.  The blade of the sword is silver while its hilt and handle are dark purple. 

After becoming accustomed to his Weapon form, Biowulf will be able to use a Soul Smell ability, which, like his canine senses in his normal form, he is able to “sniff out” and detect souls in a  certain range, depending on how developed his skills are.  It will start small, maybe a 10 foot diameter and expand as his abilities develop.


[ Please provide a sample of how your character will post to the Death City network. Here is a link to the communicators used within the game. DEMISE posts are made in the main community, soul_campaign. ]

[The video feed flickers on and an organic metal claw taps the lens tentatively, as if unsure what to do.  After a few seconds of prodding, a canine face masked in metal comes entirely too close to it.  There is also a sharp inhale as the EVO tries to sense any hint of activity from the mirror.]

Hello?  Is anyone out there?

[A red eye ringed by grey flesh peers out from under the purple metal mask.]

I am looking for any information regarding the formation of partnerships.

[He takes a deep raspy breath.]

I’m a weapon looking for an Al-...for a Meister.

[ Please write at least three paragraphs about your character’s arrival in Shibusen’s kishin chamber. This can include their last few moments in their own world, as well as their first few minutes in Death City. You can read about the place they will be when they first arrive here. ]

    The day just kept getting worse and worse.  Van Kleiss had taken Biowulf and the Pack deep into the jungle in search of the nanite scientist, Rylander.  Under normal circumstances, Biowulf wouldn’t have minded at all.  In fact, he would have relished tracking the human down through the brush, slashing at plants and ornery EVOs with his claws before catching his prey and returning to Abysus with his prey for his master.
    However, that was not at all how the day had progressed.  Instead of leaving him in command of the Pack in the field, Van Kleiss had come himself.  It was a precarious situation since the EVO could die when away from the nanite infused soil of their homeland.  His Alpha had devised a sort of reverse diving suit that circulated a supply of the nanite rich soil around his body, allowing him to travel freely.  Van Kleiss had also decided to allow a new EVO into the fold.  It was a feline that knew its ways around the jungle and seemed to be able to detect everything a full second before Biowulf did.  The Jungle Cat was making too many obvious attempts at Van Kleiss’ attention for the lupine to stand.   He’d enjoyed it when the Cat had failed and his master had done away with the foul usurper.  Still, he’d wished the creature’s failure hadn’t caused damage to be done to his Alpha’s circulation suit.  Not only were they in an inhospitable environment laden with traps and enemies, but now they were running on borrowed time as well.  He had given a small whine when he was out of earshot of the others.  The lupine really did not like the turn this little adventure had taken.   Still, it was important to his master and he wanted to make Van Kleiss happy, so he pressed on through the dense foliage. 
    When at last they had reached Rylander’s lab, he had stayed behind as his Alpha requested to hold of the forces of Providence that were closing in.  It wasn’t anything he couldn’t handle, but he did not like his Alpha going anywhere alone, especially with his stability compromised.  Still, he had done as he was told.  He had helped hold off Providence as much as he could, only retreating to the trees in order to get a better view of the battlefield.  No sooner had he done so, then Agent Six and Rex came running out of the lab...without pursuit.  He cocked his head to the side, blinking crimson eyes in confusion.  Where was Van Kleiss?  Why was he not out as well?  Where was his Alpha?

    “Why do they run?” he asked no one in particular from his perch in the trees.

There was the flash of an explosion and a shock wave that followed,...

    And then everything was dark.

    The moist, humid air of the jungle was replaced with stagnate dust and decay and an overall sour scent that filled his nostrils and turned his stomach.  Biowulf shook his head and snorted, trying to clear his nostrils, to no avail. 
    He was alone.
    There was not a familiar scent in his immediate vicinity.
    Biowulf gave a canine whine as he tried to collect himself and place where he was.  Inside...he was,,,inside somewhere.   Had he lost consciousness?  Had he been taken hostage by adversaries?  What was going on?

    The lupine EVO pressed his palms against the floor and eased himself to his feet,breathing as shallowly as he could given the overwhelming smell of rotted skin and death in the room.  He was inside and alone when heHe started and growled, fur ruff bristling around his neck when three screens flickered to life bearing the image of what appeared to be a red headed human.  The lupine snarled and spread his claws wide.

    “You had best release me and return me to Abysus, less the wrath of Van Kleiss be brought against you with the mercilessness you deserve.” the EVO growled out, voice distorted by his mask and rage.

Biowulf is capable of speech, but it is a raspy sound that is amplified by his mask.  He will often pause to breathe or think about how to form words before speaking.

Biowulf possesses many mannerisms of a lupine.  He will make canine vocalizations,  raise his fur ruff as an emotional response, and lower himself when submitting to a higher ranked individual (he tries to do this as little as possible), in addition to other distinctively canine behaviors.  He is also unfamiliar with human social customs and niceties.

Though he is already and EVO with active nanites, BREW keeps them from spreading to others.
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